Monday, January 31, 2011

The BEST Endorsement EVER!

 I had to share this wonderful endorsement I got from Lynn Adams, Publisher of Orange County Bride Magazine. This endorsement means a lot to me. Not many people would take the time to write this thorough of an endorsement, especially coming from a publisher. Thank you for taking the time, I was pleasantly surprised!

Jaimee Hubert is the founder of Capturing Moments Photography. Jaimee is one of the most dynamic, creative and talented photographers I’ve come across in my many years of publishing magazines. This is a photographer that is a keeper, I promise you.

Orange County Bride magazine has had the opportunity not only to have Capturing Moments photos by Jaimee grace our pages over the years, but we have been fortunate enough to have her photograph on our cover, fantastic lady. In addition Jaimee has written an excellent article on photography that her peers salute.

You will find that this highly talented photographer has the ability to capture the most precious and memorable moments of your wedding, engagement photos and later your family photos.

Jaimee's presence will not even be noticed as she moves through your ceremony and reception with the greatest of ease. Her warm and cheerful manner is contagious, she'll have you and your guests smiling and in turn will capture all your charm, joy, poignant and blissful moments on your wedding day.

When Jaimee shares her photography of past weddings with you, you'll see her creativity bounce off the pages of the photo albums, that is when you'll know that she will make your wedding day an unforgettable experience and you won't have to look any further, she is the one! This is the most important day of your life, do take your time. Be sure to take this opportunity to browse at and Jaimee's blog, you'll be grateful for years to come, after you make this wonderful find. 

Lynn Adams
Publisher, Orange County Bride Magazine

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Friday, January 28, 2011

5,000 readers this month on Capturing Moments Blog!

Thank you to everyone who has and continues to click on my blog to see my images, and maybe even read what I have to say. I have blogged a lot over this past year, and at first I was wondering why I was blogging. There was no readers and nobody seemed to care. After months of consistently writing, I finally started to see some interest. Now my blog averages thousands of hits a month. This month in particular I got over 5,000 readers and was very excited! Thanks for your support and interest, your time is super important and i am honored that you would take the time to click on my link! Below are the blogger stats from my blog site. Happy Clicking!             

  Pageviews today
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Pageviews last month

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And the WINNER for the Amateur PHOTO Contest is.......

CONGRATS Tony Anderson, WINNER of the PHOTO Contest! With 1,000's of hits, and almost 600 votes, Tony took the 1st place win! So the results stayed the same. I cannot believe how close the votes were! April Orozco is the 2nd place winner, and was only votes away from taking 1st. Good job to the both of you! Tony will receive a photo shoot from me or a photography business consultation. I was only going to announce the 1st place winner, but since the votes were so close I am also going to offer April a photography class consultation. (tips and guidance on how to shoot like a pro) Thank you to everyone who submitted and voted. There were over 2,000 hits for the voting, so I will do an Amateur photo contest every 6 months due to the overwhelming interest! Happy Clicking!

Blog of Photo Contest Finalists:

1st Place Winner- Tony Anderson- Boise, Idaho

2nd Place Winner- April Orozco- Orange County, Ca.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Real Wedding Featured in OC Bride Magazine

Wanted to share my newest Real Wedding featured in the Winter/Spring Issue of Orange County Bride Magazine. Congrats Anastacia and Tony on your awesome wedding and making it into the mag! It looks great. This wedding was shot at Los Coyotes Country Club, as well as downtown Fullerton for romantics and bridal party shots. I also wrote an article that was published in this issue on Southern California Wedding Photography Pricing. Very happy to have a published article as well, and a few dozen images throughout the mag. I will blog the article later this week. There are also a dozen Real Weddings featured on Capturing Moments Hompage, there is a link at the end of the blog to view them all. Thanks for looking!

Anastacia and Tony's Wedding Blog:

OC Bride Magazine Website:

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Embarrassing Correction.......One More Day for the PHOTO Contest! Mistake, there is one more day for the photo contest. I wrote the blog last Monday and thought this Monday was one week. Please accept my apologies. I will add one day onto the contest for the confusion and lack of voting today. So Wednesday at Noon, the polls will close! I also posted that each person could only vote one time per computer, not per day. Sorry, this is the first time I have ran a contest and it was a bit larger of a job then I anticipated.  No matter what happens on the polls, I will still honor my offer to the top 2 contestants up until today, Tony and April. The blog released today was deleted.  Again, so sorry for this honest mistake, sorry if anybody's feelings were hurt or you were frustrated. Okay, now the voting will continue!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PHOTO Contest Finalists...Vote for the WINNER!

There were a lot of votes to help narrow down the submissions for the Amateur Photo Contest, however the votes were very close and split on many images so I went with the TOP 10. Quite a few images were only one vote away from making the finals. So here are the TOP images to vote on. Voting will be open for a week, only vote for one photo per day. Just click the name of the artist on the poll below the images to vote, it is that easy! Who Deserves First Place?

A- David Rapp
B-Vannie Cooper
 C-Rosa Garcia
D-Theresa Gooder
E-Fairlite Rogers
 F-Michael Markoski
 G-April Orozco
 H-Dustin Rogers
 I- Tony Anderson
J-Olivia Sahagun

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Help Judge the PHOTO Contest! You choose the TOP Pics entered!

Here it is......the Amateur PHOTO Contest entries are in, and I need your help! Thank you to all of the artists that sent in images, I had more then I anticipated. I had over 100 images entered for the PHOTO Contest and there are some really great images here! This is the initial blog to narrow down the competition, let me know if there are any mistakes as I tried really hard to make sure the image matched the artist. Please leave a comment on this blog telling me what your top 3 images are. These photos are in no particular order. You can go by the letter under the image, as well as the the name of the artist, since some artists have more then one image that made it in. Tell us why you love the image! The images with the most positive feedback will go to a vote. Please no negative feedback. A poll will go up and the true voting will begin with only the best images. There were just too many images to go straight to a vote, so here's your chance to be a photography judge. Artists, share this blog on your Facebook, and anyone else that would like to help out with the voting, please share on your Facebook for more feedback.     What images do you like and why?

A- Michael Markoski
B-Gabe Estrada
C- Olivia Sahagun
D- Stacy Cabrera
E- Dave Rapp

F- Rachel Archer
G- Nicole Goodermote
H- Kimberly Cunningham
I- Rosa Garcia
J- Fairlite Bisaro
K- Erik Faught
L- Dave Rapp
M- Melody Dow

N- Tony Anderson
O- Need Photographers Name
P- Theresa Gooder
Q- Stacy Mantecon

R- Stacy Cabrera
S- Theresa Gooder
T- Judith Guasch
U- Cindy Lieber

V- Amy Therriault

W- Kathy Gallagher

X- Lori Butler
Y- Kathy Gallagher
 Z- Vannie Cooper
 A2- April Orozco
 B2- Melody Dow
 C2- Andrea Coello
 D2- Dustin Bisaro
 E2- April Orozco
 F2- Amy Therriault
 G2- Gabe Estrada
H2- Dave Rapp
I2- Rachel Archer

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

PHOTO Contest Ends Tonight & Some Entry Photos

PHOTO Contest ends tonight at midnight! If you can't get to your images until tomorrow please email me and I will extend it for one day. Here is your last chance to submit your image/s to have your image get seen by thousands and to win a shoot or photography time (class or business consult) from me! Below are some of the submissions that I have already received to give you an idea of your competition. These are not the top images, nor is every person who submitted featured on here. I just clicked on a few images to show as samples, and I will put names on all images on the next blog. Not all submissions will make it to be voted on either, due to the number of images received. I have had over 80 pictures submitted, so the top images will be blogged about and featured. You the reader will then help me cut it down to the top 5. The top 5 will be voted on by a poll. Last chance to send them in, for details click the first PHOTO blog below if you have not already, 10 image max!  Email to:

PHOTO Contest Original Blog:


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