Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Weddings in Yosemite Article in OC Bride Magazine

Thank you again Orange County Bride Magazine for another published written article and for a 2-page spread of beautiful Yosemite at the historic Ahwahnee Hotel. The historic Ahwahnee hosts intimate weddings and honeymoons for happy couples. Orange County Bride sent me to this majestic hotel to experience the breathtaking landscape and a wedding backdrop that only exists in movies. The Ahwahnee is an absolutely gorgeous hotel boasting over-sized dinging rooms, and perfect for a small ceremony with a waterfall cascading behind you on the ceremony lawn. Below is a link to the previous blog I wrote on this fantastic hotel and landscape with amazing pictures. Having your wedding at the Ahwahnee would result in the most amazing romantic images and any photographer would be excited to shoot there. My husband and I spent two days in Yosemite and experienced a perfect Spring day followed by the valley being canopied by snow. It was truly an amazingly beautiful experience and I was able to capture some of my personal favorite images of all times.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Congrats to My Daddy, Mayor Jim Dow

I have never blogged about my father and since he was passed the gavel last night as his 3rd and last term as Mayor of Buena Park, I found it befitting. Twelve years ago, my Dad and our family went on a bit of a quest to help our city in which the "Dow" family has lived in for 4 generations. We had a steep hill to climb as my father ran against 2 incumbents, and in the history of Buena Park nobody had ever won against an incumbent. For months we worked our hearts out and my Dad won by only 152 votes. We were ecstatic! Since then he has served twice as Mayor, and I am very proud to say that is is my fathers 3rd and final term as Mayor. Despite my father not having come from money, nor does he have a college degree, coupled with very serious health problems, he really has made his late parents proud. I am so proud of the legacy my Father has left his kids and grand kids. I love you Daddy!

My Daddy, Mayor Jim Dow
Mayor Jim Dow, Councilman Fred Smith, Councliman Miller Oh

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Monday, December 5, 2011

50,000 Hits on Capturing Moments Photography Blog

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Thank you to everyone who continues to read my blog and support my work!!!! I have had a lot of success writing and really enjoy this part of my business. I love being able to share images of weddings I shoot, travels I take, and how to's on photography. I have also had the honor of having 3 written articles published Nationally in Studio Photography Magazine and locally  in Orange County Bride Magazine, as well as countless featured work in OC Bride, Ceremony and The Knot. Writing has definitely became a part of my life and business now, and I am glad somebody is actually reading it. With an average of 3,000 hits a month and today hitting 50,000 blog hits, it is a far cry from my first blog with about 12 readers. :) 

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VOTE for Finalists of the PHOTO Contest!

Thank you for all of the votes for the Annual Amateur Photo Contest. There was a lot of feedback, and here is what you voted for to make it to the finals. CONGRATS to the follwing finalist. Please vote for your Favorite to WIN. Below there is a Poll to place your vote! Votes will be held until Monday, December 12th, 2012.

 A- Fairlite Bisaro
 B- Berlin Gonzalez
 C- Taylor Harris
D- Berlin Gonzalez

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  • C-Taylor Harris
  • D-Berlin Gonzalez

Monday, November 28, 2011

VOTE for the Amateur PHOTO Contest...You Be The Judge!

Here they are....the entries for the Annual Amateur Photo Contest. You be the judge! Vote for your favorite image by leaving a comment using the image letter. Only 1 vote per day. No names are on this so that your absolute favorite is voted for. The top images will make it to the poll voting finals. You have one week to vote, share on your facebook and get votes! The first and second place winners get a Giant Wall portrait! Good Luck!

VOTES PLEASE ON THIS BLOG ONLY under the pics in the comment section, Facebook votes DO NOT count! Please only vote for one image per comment!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Heidi & Frank Show Party at Bowlmor

Another great party with Heidi and Frank at Bowlmor in Tustin, last Thursday night! Heidi, Frank, and Erik put on a bowling show for us, then they picked names and formed their own bowling teams. They really know how to throw a party and how to make their fans feel part of the HF family. If you have no idea who Heidi and Frank are, you have to check them out on their website at Heidi and Frank are radio personalities in LA and now they do a daily podcast from 10-12pm on the internet. Their show is hilarious.....but if you are easily offended it may not be the show for you. Everyday is a party on the Heidi and Frank show, it is radio worth watching! I have been listening for over a decade, and listen daily as I edit my pictures all week at my computer. They keep me company while I am working and updated on the news while they talk to listeners and reveal most everything about their own lives, along with Erik (Shmeez) they keep me laughing. VIP for life!!! Check them out!

Heidi Hamilton ready to Bowl
 Check out Heidi's Form!
Erik or "Shmeez"
 David Letterman look-alike!
 Karen the Intern
Frank Kramer toasts the crowd for coming to the Party!
 Frank's Winning Team the "Smkoin' Bowls"
Heidi's team the "Lickity Splits"
 Smeeze's team the "Bobby Pins" 
 Lacey put on the event and is the manager at Bowlmor....getting love!
 Frank and the "Smoking Bowls" toast at the bar with their free drinks!
Dancing in the ladies room!

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