Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Capturing Moments wedding w/Garner Films

Jason Garner presents a video featuring one of my weddings, Michelle and Joe, Married April 24th, 2010. See me in action shooting shooting this wedding with the web URL below. Jason is awesome and his work is very crisp. We work great together as we have shot together many times. Starting at St. Regis Monarch Beach in Dana Point, it made for beautiful getting ready pictures. The wedding ceremony was at a cathedral in Orange, romantic and bridal party pics were shot in downtown Orange and the historic downtown Orange Circle, and the wedding reception was held at the bride and grooms restaurant, Taps in Corona. This wedding was awesome!!! The bride is gorgeous, the setting beautiful, the restaurant was transformed and the food spread was one of the best I've seen at a wedding. You may want to watch this video if you are planning a wedding to get some ideas, or just for fun to see me shoot! 

Cut and paste the link below in your browser to view video.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Orange County Bride Magazine

Check out OC Bride Magazine's new blog and website! They are showcasing their venues, vendors, and any related Orange County bride info or events. Their site is a great resource for Orange County Weddings. They also have a link on their homepage to my website! I love OC Bride Magazine, they are very good to their clients and very concerned about their readers happiness and interests as well!



Thursday, April 22, 2010

Backyard Wedding In Orange County

Backyard weddings can be done with simplicity and class. They are becoming more popular it seems this year due to budget restrictions. Jessica & Jacob had such a great, quaint, detailed, backyard wedding in Fullerton. We did the romantics and bridal party portraits at a local park and in downtown Fullerton. A Good Affair was the coordinator on this event. Please copy and paste the link below to see their blog including my photography. A Good Affair is affordable and their design is specific to your event and just simply fabulous. They have great taste and every wedding is awesome! A coordinator is necessary for a backyard wedding. There are too many people to move, things needing to be broken down and set up, and since it is at a home the bride or family members end up working which is a big no no! Consider a backyard wedding if you are on a budget. They can be just as great and more intimate and personal!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Orange County Videographer

Wanted to share this wedding video with you. David Tosti comes highly recommended from me. He is one of my favorite photographers to shoot with, and he rocks the moving camera as well. If you are planning a wedding, go with him for video. Classy, fun, and tell a great story. We have worked together for years so we are a perfect match to work together. He does great work, and is fun and professional.


Senior Pictures in Orange County

I LOVE doing senior pictures, fashion, and headshots. It gives me an opportunity to really be creative and have fun shooting. Unlike weddings, I am not under the pressure and timeline doing senior or fashion shoots, so I get to take my time in a different way and be more thoughtful and calculated when shooting. I don't have a gallery dedicated to this yet on my website, so I wanted to blog a recent senior photo shoot. Senior shoots should represent the teenagers last 4 years of life in high school, and showcase who they really are. I like to show the "sophisticated" teen, the "realistic" teen, and the "talented" teen in one shoot. With Viktoria we headed to downtown Orange to do her 3 part shoot. She was cute, fun, beautiful, and also a ballerina. I wanted to show all of this in her shoot. She wanted to wear a dress and be cute, where casual clothes for a more comfy realistic look, and some ballet shots as her last 4 years of high school have revolved around dancing. Congrats Viktoria on your Graduation and welcome to the "real" world! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Orange County Baby Photographer

Everybody is having babies! I got back from Costa Rica and did 6 baby shoots in the following weeks. Better all you then me, I have already had my babies. I really urge all new parents to get their first baby portraits done within the first few weeks or the first month, then again at the 6 month mark or when they are sitting up, and again at about 10-12 months before the are walking. You will to regret budgeting this in your first year later in life. I treasure my new born pictures and within weeks and months it is all over. Don't procrastinate on your new baby pics. I have also had a lot of clients say, "No, I do not want a maternity shoot, I feel fat!" Then of course when the baby is here and their belly is gone they say, "Oh, I should have done pregnancy pictures!" Just a side note to do them anyway. If you want to do all the shoots recommended, myself or other photographers should be able to work with you on pricing doing 4 shoots in a year. It really is worth every penny!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Laguna Beach Engagement Shoot

Congrats to Lisa & Kevin on their upcoming wedding in June at Surf and Sand. Their engagement shoot in Laguna beach was so cute. It is a great place to shoot. You get the urban and beach feel all at the same location. This couple also lives in Laguna so it is meaningful to them. I love to do engagement shoots that showcase who you are as a couple. I like my couples to dress how they normally would and do something that they would normally do. I try to talk most couples out of beach shoots, just because it is way over done and cliche. However, this couple loves the beach and it is representative of their wedding and their home town. My favorite engagement shoots have been at Angels Stadium, Disneyland, and Disney concert hall in LA. I also like downtown Orange and a secluded private park I love to shoot at. Let's go bowling, go-carting, play golf, something different and fun.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Orange County Family Shoot in Downtown Fullerton

Many of you wonder how to get your kids ready for a shoot? Well, me too! :) I have 3 boys of my own and it never fails, when you plan a shoot, one of them is in a bad mood or does not want to cooperate. Another kid has a runny nose, and the other will do whatever the photographer wants because they were previous bribed and care about the treat coming their way. I wanted to share this shoot. I wanted to shoot these two boys in an urban setting with color, so we headed for Downtown Fullerton. Spent decades hanging in Fullerton so know it well, down to the exact walls I love to shoot on. An urban shoot or downtown shoots have a completely different look and feel then a shoot in the studio or at a park. A little more modern, edgy, and colorful.  Kids have a personality of their own and I believe in showing it. Within one hour kids can go through many different emotions and feelings. Out of these two boys, the youngest would do whatever I wanted him to, and the oldest was not wanting to be apart of it at all. Much like the pictures I have on my site in the "About Jaimee" section.  I actually sent pictures of my oldest son crying over a sucker out on my Christmas card. That is reality. I have a few tricks up my sleeves to get smiles no matter what, but I shoot all the emotion. I shoot the raw reality of what kids are all about. I notice Mother's fretting over dirt and the kids being perfect for the shoot and I encourage to let them explore and get dirty and be kids. Traditional pics yes, but then capture who they are at that moment in time and what they would really do at a park or beach.....play, get dirty, eat candy, laugh and of course cry!

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