Monday, January 24, 2011

Embarrassing Correction.......One More Day for the PHOTO Contest! Mistake, there is one more day for the photo contest. I wrote the blog last Monday and thought this Monday was one week. Please accept my apologies. I will add one day onto the contest for the confusion and lack of voting today. So Wednesday at Noon, the polls will close! I also posted that each person could only vote one time per computer, not per day. Sorry, this is the first time I have ran a contest and it was a bit larger of a job then I anticipated.  No matter what happens on the polls, I will still honor my offer to the top 2 contestants up until today, Tony and April. The blog released today was deleted.  Again, so sorry for this honest mistake, sorry if anybody's feelings were hurt or you were frustrated. Okay, now the voting will continue!

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