Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Costa Rica Wedding 2011

What can I say about this wedding in Costa Rica other then it was AWESOME! I love to do destination weddings, especially in Costa Rica. This was my second trip shooting there and it is so much fun. The lifestyle is amazingly tranquil and much slower then the US. Suzanne and James' wedding was super unique and unlike most weddings I do. I had a lot of "firsts" at this wedding. This is a very non-traditional couple who wanted a super simple wedding, which I love. The day was all about their love and enjoying it with their guests. No pressure and so stress, my favorite! :)

Suzanne and James planned a very simple wedding Costa Rican style. Suzanne chose a very casual traditional Costa Rican style beach dress. It was the smallest wedding dress I have ever shot! James lucked out getting to wear a T-shirt and shorts and sported bare feet. The couple reside in Northern California but own property and spend a lot of time in Costa Rica. The property that we stayed at in Avellanos (North West Coast) has 7 houses or casitas, each casita took on a wedding job as a vendor for the day. One home made authentic looking Costa Rican cake, which was amazing. One house did all of the flowers from the bouquet to the ceremony pieces. A few of the men went down and dug holes in the sand to make a walkway of palms, made a ceremony site, and laid an isle. It was great to be able to see it all happen and document it during the getting ready's. The actual ceremony was private and took place on a wooden bridge over a Mangrove Swamp. It was gorgeous, hot but gorgeous. It was just the couple and their children and me! :) I always get to be in the cool places. After the private ceremony the couple walked down to the beach where they were greeted by their guests. They then continued the ceremony with their friends by reading letters from guests that could not attend, and a few other cool wedding traditions from different cultures. A great classy reception followed which was laid back and tons of fun.

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