Friday, January 7, 2011

Capturing Moments Photography blogged about by OC's Newest Top Planner

Thank you to Natalie Good with A Good Affair, Wedding Coordination and Design, for featuring me in a recent blog highlighting her favorite weddings from 2010. I love working with A Good Affair, as Natalie has created a great team of wedding professionals that insures a great experience for the clients, vendors, and guests. I always know Natalie's weddings are going to be stylish, easy going (meaning well planned), assured great photos for me and my clients, and a team of vendors I LOVE to work with. It makes it a great day with a dream team of wedding vendors that give Natalie's clients great deals. All of the vendors are very experienced and work together often, and it makes everyone's job easier and funner. Natalie is easy to work with, has great taste, and can actually save you money! As I have blogged about before, wedding planners can throw a much better party then you with your same budget. Planners often cover their own cost by saving you money with creativity and connections. Consider Natalie for your wedding or event planning.

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