Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I will Miss you were a great Dog!

I know this is kind of a sad blog, but I really just wanted to pay tribute to my wonderful dog of 12 years, Maya Hubert. She died yesterday and it was shocking. She was taken on the main road by a car, and she was a spry and healthy Lab/Chow mix. I cried like a baby all day yesterday and I keep thinking of her. My husband and I got her the month before we got married and represents our unity and starting of our family. It's funny how we meet people along the way through life and we hear they die, and we are sad, but when our dog dies I am an emotional wreck. She leaves behind a nearly 200 lb. St. Bernard, our Aimen, who has not got up much the last two days. That was his friend, Mommy, and companion for the past 4 years. He was with her and somehow knows she is not coming home. He is very sad and doesn't know what to do with himself. All I have left of my Maya is a stainless steel bowl, it's as if she just vanished. I will miss her noises and nuances. I will miss her eyes and kissing her nose. I will miss her needing my love and brushing her super think hair. I will miss her! Our family was blessed to have her for 12 years. Maya was an awesome dog!!!

Maya Hubert-  5/1999 - 1/2011

Aimen Hubert - Our St. Bernard

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