Friday, February 18, 2011

CUTE Engagement Shoot in LA

Had so much fun doing this shoot with this super cute couple, Giannina and Aaron. This was shot on their porch, and then we went to an old public library in Palos Verdes. This couple will wed at Calimigos Ranch in Malibu in August. It will be an awesome wedding! Great couple and spectacular venue!

Calimigos Ranch Wedding Venue Website in Malibu:

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50% off Photoshoot Days for Spring, March 19th, Schedule now

Photoshoot Days are times to take advantage of a Photoshoot at almost half price. In Orange County the going rate for a photo shoot with a great photographer starts at $500+. On shoot days one location is chosen and mini shoots are scheduled every 30 minutes. Shoots this day are only $250, plus a $25 deposit is required to hold your time slot. Shoots include 30 minutes of coverage with me, full editing on all images, and all images on CD with full copyrights. Shoot days are done a few times a year, once in Spring, once in Summer, and again starting in Sept/Oct in preparation for Family Christmas Shoots. In Orange County, picture greeting cards have been popular for years, so I have a lot of families who wait for these days to get a shoot at a very affordable rate. Photoshoot Days can be used for any kind of shoot, not just family shoots. Photoshoot Days can be used for engagement, new baby, pregnancy, senior "grad" pics, pregnancy, bands, headshots, etc. The Date for my Spring Photoshoot Day is Saturday, March 19th. I will be shooting the Spring pics at a rustic whimsical park in Fullerton. If you did not get Christmas cards out this year, like me, then opt for Spring cards. Even bring a bunny with you. :)  Sign up now as they do fill up and the next Shoot Days are not until the end of June. You can email for a time slot at or send me a Facebook message on my Capturing Moments (Jaimee Hubert) page. Below are a few blogged examples of previous Shoot Days and Family Shoots.

Photoshoot Days in Downtown Brea:

Photoshoot Days in Downtown Fullerton:

Photoshoot Days at the Park:

Family Shoot with dog, horse, and all!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Heidi & Frank Show....See my work on their Site!

I am a HUGE fan of the Heidi and Frank Show, whom are the best radio personalities LA has ever seen. I am very proud to be credited on their website in the photo galleries once again. The first link I have below is the photo gallery on their website, and the most recent thing I shot for them was their company, or should I say "our" company, Christmas Party. I edit sometimes up to 60 hours a week and while I edit my 1000's of images, email, blog, social network, market, etc. I am entertained by the very hilarious and informational Heidi and Frank. They have been around forever and I have listened for more then 8 years. You may remember Frosty, Heidi, and Frank on 97.1 right after Stern and before Leykis, and even before and after that they were on different radio stations. Now that radio is dead, they are podcasting online, and very successful. I encourage you to listen, stinkin' hilarious. They have become my unseen friends over the years and I feel like i know everything about them. I warn the easily offended though, it is not a G-rated show. :) Anyhow, I am not a fan of many, but they get my vote. Love listening and will shoot for them whenever they want me cause I believe in the SHOW! Check out their site, show, and previous blogs!

Check out my galleries on their website:

Previous blog of Heidi and Frank Christmas Party 2010:

Last LIVE show for Frosty, Heidi, and Frank...Frosty's tearful goodbye!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ALL Glass Wedding Chapel & Winter Wedding, Gorgeous!

I am a bit behind on blogging my weddings over the last few months and I have a few great ones I have done this winter that I don't want to skip over them. This wedding was shot in Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes. I love Wayfarers, which is an all glass wedding chapel set on top of the cliffs overlooking the Ocean in Palos Verdes. It is undeniably gorgeous! The grounds are covered in greenery and large trees which is beautiful for wedding pictures. Kristen and Carlos had a beautiful Christmas wedding reception at the Redondo Beach Library, also on the beach. It was a great wedding. Simple and classy, with amazing venues! If you don't have a dream church in mind, this one is worth looking at!

Flowers by Kelly with Lavenders Flowers:

Wayfarers Glass Wedding Chapel Website:

Redondo Beach Public Library for Wedding Receptions:



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