Tuesday, November 30, 2010

USC Catholic Church, Groundbreaking & Cross Removal

I have had the privilege of shooting for USC Catholic Church for the last few years. It is a different shooting experience for me to document the church and their new venture of building an amazing Catholic Center. On this particular day, the cross was removed from the current church building, and their was a groundbreaking for the the church being built this next year. There were a lot of VIP's there, including the most recent former USC president and first lady Mr. and Mrs. Sample, whom on campus are super respected and almost famous! I will blog about the dinner I shot honoring Mrs. Sample as the out going first lady soon. This truly was a cool experience, especially the cross removal, seeing Jesus on the cross being lowered to the ground was awesome, the crowd was silent, and some even emotional.

Website for Catholic Center:

 The Groundbreaking with all the VIP's!

 Family Member who donated Jesus on the cross when she was a young girl.

 Former USC President Mr. Sample, Father Lawrence, and Mrs. Sample

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