Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Experience at Marriage Bootcamp Changed My Life!

Many of you have seen me post links and dates for Marriage Bootcamp, but what I have not done is share my personal experience with you and why I am such a fan and promote bootcamp so much. When my husband and I decided to go 2 years ago, I had no idea what to expect. We had went through some hard years and a lot of loss and we were struggling in our lives together as a married couple. We had married really young and  had crazy busy lives, had children back to back and started flipping houses on top of my husbands already demanding boiler room style job in finance. Four years ago, my husband finally crashed after working 60 hour weeks for years coupled with the pressure of his performance, and he had a stroke. He was in bed for 6 months. From there I had to pick up the pieces and take care of everything. My husband went into a really deep depression and the marriage started to suffer. I felt alone and overwhelmed. At the same time, the economy started to crash and his career was no longer as valuable financially and spiritually. I had already started Capturing Moments, but by no means was making enough to support our family. Overnight, I took my business and went into weddings more, I booked 15 weddings in a matter of months and became the bread winner. I was blessed to be able to provide, but at the same time our roles had reversed and being the bread winner presented a whole new set of marital issues. We then had to sell our dream home, which did not sell, so essentially we lost it. This was shattering, followed by our son getting into trouble which was the most stressful of all. I started to wonder if I could do this marriage thing. It was VERY difficult for me. We had to eventually do something, stay miserable, or slit up. So we heard about bootcamp and blindly went, a bit out of desperation. By the end of the first day, I knew this was going to change my life forever. I went to the directors that night and said anything you want, I will work for you and give back to this, use me any way you want. By the end of this very experiential 4 day intensive bootcamp, my husband and I had a brand new outlook on life, ourselves, our relationships and our marriage. I could not believe the amount of healing and learning we did and how 4 days could really make that big of a difference, and I have my degree in Psychology but had no idea how powerful a group dynamic is. In real life we do a lot of hiding, and in bootcamp you don't want to hide. It is the safest place I have ever been and you experience forgiveness and compassion with your own eyes for the first time. I will never forget that experience. We grew in ways I never thought possible and were challenged in ways everybody should be as adults but are not. We then attended the reality bootcamp and purpose bootcamp which are equally amazing but very different. Bottom line there is a bootcamp for everyone. It meets you wherever you are in life, married or not, in a great marriage or not. Anyone and everyone will benefit. I have seen and heard so much in those rooms, and we all have one thing in common.....pain! As adults we don't usually know how to deal with this pain, resentment, anger, sadness, whatever you want to call it. It is easier to go to anger or to check out, that takes very little effort, it in natural. What takes effort is investing 4 days into your own life. Bootcamps are done monthly in Irvine and the Hilton and I would really like to encourage you to make a big investment and change in your life long term. Ron and Tina Konkin are AMAZING at what they do and understand life and relationships unlike most. I currently have been training as a coach for 2 years now, I can give each person $200 off or $400 off a couple if you mention me. Please consider this in your near future. I am sitting here at Marriage bootcamp looking out into a room of 15 couples and watching them change right before my eyes as I type. This is the best gift you can ever give yourself! When was the last time you have devoted a good amount of time to yourself or marriage? If your marriage is currently struggling then get your butts in there and get to work, especially for your childrens sake. Don't let your marriage be a statistic by doing nothing, and better yet don't let your kids be a statistic, they need their Mom and Dad together! And don't forget your marriage does not have to be in shambles, you can go for strengthening and personal growth as well. Also, singles are welcome to come to the night program which is all about self growth. Please call 714-985-9954 or email me ( for more info, or click the website below to check dates and times as well as Ron Konkins contact, which is 909-225-0535

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