Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1 Day Marriage Bootcamp- FREE this Saturday 11-13-11

Many of you have seen my blogs before or know that I train at a 4 day intense seminar called, Marriage Bootcamps. I am a huge believer in this program. I have seen hundreds of Marriages been repaired attending this intense 4 day programs. The bootcamp is life changing and originated from Dr. Phil and was featured on TLC. Ron and Tina Konkin are an amazing team that are the directors of Marriage and Reality bootcamps here in Orange County. Here is an opportunity to check out what the bootcamp is all about for FREE at this one day program!!!! This is a great opportunity and at night it is comedy night. If you can come this Saturday at Friends church in Yorba Linda, you will be very pleased. This program changed my life and marriage. Since I have been training at them in 2 years I have learned more about relationships and people then I did the entire time I spent getting my Psychology degree. I really urge you to go to Marriage Bootcamp regardless of where your marriage is at. You don't have to be married you can be in a serious relationship, and you can attend a bootcamp to strengthen your marriage and who you are as a person, or you can go if you are on the verge of divorce. Seriously, take the time out of your life to make some changes.....worth every penny and sacrifice to get there. There is nothing like it on Earth!! Go to the website below to sign up for the FREE one day or one of the actual 4 day bootcamps.


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