Monday, November 1, 2010

Rock Band Photo Shoot

I have not shown much of my edgy work or my band style of shooting. I loved doing this shoot, it was a lot of fun working with these guys. Much different than my wedding work. The pressure is not there and I get to be a little less "professional" in the sense that these guys don't want to hang out with a crazy wedding photographer, they want to have a good time and most of all look cool. We shot these in downtown Fullerton then we went and did some shooting in the rustic hills of Brea. I like to showcase this type of band in a few different ways. Each guy gets a head shot, the lead singer is featured in many different ways. I like to show the band as professionals, as well as shots that make them look cool and interesting. You cannot miss out on the fun which is so important for fans to see who you really are without putting up an fronts. We had their band manager and stylist on this shoot and he really helped pump them and pull the personality out of them. He also styled the shoot with a sponsored clothing company. This LA based rock band is called "Ninefinger" for obvious reasons! Hope you enjoy this fun shoot. The lead singer kind of reminds me of Jim Morrison. :)

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