Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Senior "Grad" Shoot in OC

I loved doing this photo shoot with Chelsea! She is not afraid of being in front of my camera, and she has a great look. Her hair is amazing and I love her freckles! She is very comfortable moving and humbly confident for her age. I did my first photo shoot with Chelsea about 6 years ago, when she was 12, and she definitely is not a little girl anymore! I kept telling her she looks like Lindsay Lohan, just much more wholesome. :) A casting agent also wanted her to get some pictures done to see how she photographs, so she is able to do the shoot for two reason. I have said in previous blogs, hire a photographer outside of the school to do your senior shoot, it usually saves you money and you get so much more! The shoots are fun and we can be creative, change clothes, and they usually feel like a star on their own photoshoot...love shooting seniors! I like for seniors to choose a dressy look, a casual look, and something that showcases their 4 years of college if they did an extra curricular or showcases who they are as a teen. 

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