Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Senior "Grad" pics in San Diego

Senior "Grad" pictures are really fun for me! It's a fun age to do a photo shoot and they are usually super excited! High schools still do traditional studio shots for upwards of $700 a package, so it has become more popular to hire an outside photographer and in some cases even save you money for better work. On this shoot we did a few locations in Downtown San Diego and a few wardrobe changes. I like to showcase a graduating senior in a few different ways to make it fun and exciting for them. We had fun roaming the boardwalk and I actually had my brand new flash literally explode while shooting. It sounded like a fire cracker and the front plastic piece shot 12 feet to my models feet. It was really weird! Anyhow graduating seniors, do your senior pics with a photographer outside of the school and you can submit one of their photos for the year book, instead of doing the traditional studio shoot.

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  1. Very neat pictures! Love the one with the brick wall.


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