Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Heidi and Frank, My images on #1 LA Radio Show going Online

I am not a fan of much......but I am a huge fan of Heidi and Frank!!! I have listened to Frosty, Heidi, and Frank since the beginning of their show with Frosty 12 years ago. They started a show together on 97.1 fm talk radio, then went to AM, and now they are the first radio show to live stream on the internet. Heidi and Frank start live streaming for free daily at 10am-Noon daily. If you become a VIP for $5 a month, you can watch them on video, podcast them, and get a lot of special stuff online. To get interested though you can listen for free live. I really love to listen to them as I edit my images 40 hours a week. They keep my job interesting, and make me laugh daily. I cannot work in silence and I have grown to love them as if they were my friends in real life. I am not easily offended, and that is why I love them. They talk about everything in life from funny news, to sex, drugs and rock n' roll! Just LOVE them! Check them out that link below if you have no idea who I am talking about as they are world wide, and if you have never heard of them I suggest you listen....you will not be disappointed! Please check out my images of them as their last LIVE radio show with Frosty on 790 am.

http://www.heidiandfrank.com/memberphotos?action=viewPhotoSet&photoSetID=1 -Heidi and Frank website link to my gallery!

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