Monday, September 27, 2010

Same Sex Weddings & Being Christian, a response to a blog comment

Somebody "anonymously" left a comment concerning my "same sex wedding" blog saying: "Jaimee, you know better, I am surprised that you would participate in a Hoax, it's not biblical and it's not legal." My response: Since this person knows me, I am surprised that you would not talk to me personally Christian to Christian as the bible states. Since I do not have that option I would like to publically reply, even though I am not releasing the comment on my blog and could have ignored it completely. First off, it starts by saying,  "you know better," which seems sort of shaming to me? Biblically, there is only one judge that has the right to shame me, well maybe besides my parents growing up. :) Second, it says that I participated in a Hoax? What? The definition of a Hoax is to deceive or defraud, a fake or imposter. I participated in no deception, I really do not completely understand what that means. I would like to say that I do not run my business and choose clients according to others personal beliefs compared to mine. If that were the case and I only serviced Christians and Christian weddings, then I could not shoot any weddings of any Christian couples that currently live or sleep together, or sin as a practiced lifestyle. How would I find this out? I also would not be able to shoot any other religious ceremonies, considering they would not believe as I do including: atheists, agnostics, and even some Christian services I have done and felt convicted about the differences in beliefs. So considering the list above, as I have put a lot of thought into this, living here I would not have much of a business left. Shooting someone's religious or non-religious ceremony or event is LOVING and none of my business what their personal beliefs are! If I were an accountant would I not do a gay persons taxes? If I owned a bakery, would I put a sign up saying I only serve certain groups? I think discrimination is the thing that is against the law? I wear my cross, and I document people's lives. Like Jesus, I will try to stand next to anyone in LOVE and NON-Judgment! Did Paul only make tents for Christians? When Jesus made wine, was it not at an Orthodox Jewish Wedding?  I don't feel too good or better than anyone as to not stand in front of them and document there life, as a Christian I feel this is what I have been called to do. It is sad for me that people miss the message and LOVE of Jesus. You should not mistake the difference between compassionate love and condoning others beliefs and choices. Who did Jesus actually spend his time with, what did he actually do? What this couple did was not illegal, they had a non-religious ceremony expressing their love and commitment and I feel absolutely NO conviction for shooting this!  As far as it being biblical, I think I have already stated above that I am not running a business where I have the power to judge somebody else's walk with God and whether or not I deem them biblical enough or their ceremony biblical enough for me to shoot. I am not the judge of this. I do not run a strictly Christian company only documenting biblically sound Christian lives, and if I did would I be doing what Jesus did?  WWJD?????


  1. Jaimee, I just wanted to tell you that I have so much respect for you and the way you handled this. It takes a very strong and secure person to stand up to this kind of negative attitude. I also believe that your passion and genuine sincerity has made you an amazing photographer, but more importantly, an amazing person.

  2. I am very impressed by your post. I am also a Christian and proud to say Erika and Nicole are my family. We are proud of the amazing women they both are and very greatful for the professional pictures and the love that you captured on their special day!

  3. Hi Jaimee,
    I'm with you.....and so is your Savior. If someone doesn't understand why you do things, its okay to reply, but they may never understand even after hearing you out. The Lord knows your heart! Keep your eyes on the PRIZE (Christ). Hugs to you my friend, Heidi
    P.S. Jesus spent MUCH of his time with people who sinned (just like WE sin) ....and he loved them and lovingly, spoke the truth to them.
    (the only reason I posted as anonymous is I don't have an URL,
    but this is Heidi :) :)

  4. Jamie, I am so proud of you. You articulated your point beautifully. Christians who throw stones bewilder me. I am a Christian and I also believe in Human Rights. I have a dear good friend who is legally married to a woman. She got married when it was still legal. So there is no hoax there. Anyway, she is an amazing woman of God. She had terminally ill stage 4 cancer and God healed her and God fully new she was a lesbian. She now is on a mission trying to help gays understand Gods love for them. I am so proud of how well you made your point.

  5. Amen, sister. I am a black gay man in LA and not Christian but loves Jesus. Jesus' message of love includes loving everyone. I feel love from Jesus and I find it sad that people who say they aspire to love like him can't get his number one lesson. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Therein lies the rub, you don't love yourself and if you can't love yourself then you can't love anybody else, including Jesus.
    Willie Boy Jr.

  6. I thought that was very well put....

  7. Very well said Jaimee, very proud of you!

  8. Hi Jaimee,
    I love the way you answered this post. There is still many narrow minded people who doesn't understand the message Jesus tried to give us. Love each other no matter the differences. The day everyone understand this, there will be peace.


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