Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ninefinger, Lead Singer Cuts Finger Off Onstage! Banned from You Tube...

Ninefinger is a Los Angeles based band that has a lot of charisma and character! I first met them and shot them onstage while performing in LA. Ninfinger "cut" the lead singers finger off onstage, real or fake? Either way, this publicity stunt put Ninefinger on the map. On You Tube the band got 10's of thousands of hits and even got banned from You Tube for the finger cutting being too realistic. This band was so fun to hang out with. I will blog their Orange County photo shoot next. Watch for this band!

In Order to name their band, Ninefinger cut the lead singers finger off during their recent LA show. The video link below shows the finger cutting. Real or Fake?

Video of Ninefinger cutting off lead singers finger and write up in Phoenix Times with photo by Capturing Moments:

Ninefinger Facebook Page:

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