Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our Family Vacation 2010

Every year I LOVE going on family vacation with our boys. Get out of the hustle and bustle, drop your facebook & cell phones, and forget about life at home. Our boys LOVE to travel as well. Since we went to Costa Rica earlier this year, it was a real treat to hit the road again for more then 2 weeks. We started by traveling up the Coast of California, first stop just outside of Santa Rosa. We drive at night mostly so the kids sleep. :) We stayed at my brother-in-laws which is 160 acres of trees, and nothing to do but enjoy nature, the lake where the boys got to paddle with their cousin, and veg out. I even sat and braided my hair I had so much time. It was awesome. Next stop was only a few hour drive to Trinidad, in Humboldt county, my other brother in laws. We stopped off at an awesome secluded watering hole with swinging ropes, it was beautiful!!! Trinidad is also kind of  remote beach living, it is on the coast so it is cool and beautiful with tons and tons of trees. Loved sitting in the Spa when it was cold (even though it was August) in the middle of the forest, huge fan! I did a family photoshoot in  Humboldt which I will blog about next. A few days later we headed out for another remote town, an hour outside of Seattle Washington, about a 10 hour drive. They have  Walmart about 15 minutes away and that is it. It is beautiful there, still cold and rainy even for summer. The boys got to fish and hang out with their cousins on the lake. Great time. We stayed there about 5 days and then headed to my sisters house in Boise Idaho, another 10 hour drive. Boise is beautiful as well, with it's huge blue cloud filled skies. We drove through 4 states and made lots of memories. I do not usually blog too much about personal life, but love sharing pics of the boys and excursions when I can. I am not completely a plumber with leaky faucets. :)

     The fun starts here! Parker, 6, always jumping.
The kids managing a canoe for the first time on their own. (Front) Landon, 7, Parker, 6, and Lilah, 6. (cousin)
   Daddy takes the boys on quad rides, they Love country life!
    On a hike to the secluded water hole!
This place was amazingly gorgeous, the pics do it no justice. We had this cove all to ourselves!
  The boys were dirty almost the entire vacation! They loved it!

  Landon was the only one to brave the freezing water to get to the swing rope. I was so proud of him as he coached his cousin and gave her support. She never jumped! You can see her below crying in the background, that lasted about 15 minutes.
And what would a special moment be if only one child was crying, oh ya symphony of tears. The water was too cold. It was beautiful for a time. :)
Next stop Humboldt were the boys got to bike! They bombed down this hill over and over and over then Parker nailed it at the skate park. BMX maybe?
Argggg.......the boys got their face painted at the street fair in Olympia Washington!
Love these shots of Daddy and his boys fishing. They watched everything he did and tried their best to copy him. Also love that my boys get the city knocked out of them on vacation.
Good job Parker, your first catch!
My Family in Washington, last minute pic before we drive away!
Me and my Auntie, the only picture of me the entire vacation. Darn it, not one of my family, typical!
My hubby is such a good Daddy, the boys adore him!
Waterfall in Oregon, on our way to Boise, Idaho.
My favorite shot I get in some way on every vacation! Thanks for checking out my family vacation. You are probably bored now.......until next time!


  1. cant wait for the next time !!!!!!!! Great pics and I love the story thanks for sharing

  2. Family love is never boring, always beautiful... Give thanks for sharing. 1ness always, Deborah


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