Sunday, September 5, 2010

Secluded Park Wedding in Fullerton

Congrats Christie and Danny on your recent wedding vows at a secluded park in Fullerton, California! I really love these small intimate weddings. They are low pressure, smooth and calm, and more about the love the couple shares and the reason for getting married. With the economy nowadays, not everyone has $10-50,000 to throw a wedding. Many couples are coming up with alternatives. This bride spent about a  $1,000 on her wedding. Mainly spent on me photographing for an hour on a weekday, a pretty bouquet by Lavender's Flowers, an inexpensive wedding dress, and food at her home for the 15 guests in attendance. At this point, it is about the love and nuptials between the two and not about the "fancy" golf course, hotel, or wedding venue. In my opinion, a great photographer can create magic images for any wedding. By looking at this wedding, you can see how beautiful the setting was and how amazing the pics still turn out not having to be at the best known venue. If you are wanting to get married and have no idea how you are going to afford it, consider alternatives. I blogged a few months ago about a backyard wedding in Fullerton and included that link below. That was another wedding done in the couples backyard, they went all out, but it was all about them and felt very intimate. They had a wedding coordinator, Natalie with A Good Affair, and most of the time coordinators sound expensive, but they end up saving you money in the long run. Especially if they do design and florals themselves and can do that as well. Most coordinators also have it worked out so their vendors give discounts upon their referral, it adds up when you are hiring 3-4 vendors and they are giving a few hundred dollars off, it basically can pay for the coordinator. For more tips on how to throw a fabulous wedding with not a lot of dough, you can inquire with me about different locations, ideas, and money saving tips. I also included a link to a wedding shot on the beach which was really inexpensive as well. A lot of beaches have the option of getting a permit at $150 for the ceremony and then a lot of couples choose a nearby restaurant. That is another option if you are a beach fan.

Affordable Backyard Wedding:

Affordable Beach Wedding: - Natalie Good, Wedding Coordinator (Also, does design, florals, and save you money with your vendors) - Kelly with Lavender's Flowers in Downtown Fullerton

Can more brides choose the bird cage veil? I love it!!!! Have only had a handful of brides choose this veil, very classy. Common' do something a little different!
Love these two shots, looking over Mom and Dad's shoulder, watching their daughter during her wedding ceremony....priceless!
  Shot this with a Fish eye lens, and a really tall ladder for a birds eye view!
Family pictures are very important, especially to the parents and grandparents that have dreamed about the day for decades. I love doing candid and meaningful family pics mixed in with the traditional group shots of course.

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