Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Frosty, Heidi, and Frank LIVE at Morongo Casino, Frosty leaves FHF!

Frosty, Heidi, and Frank are the best radio personalities of all time and the most entertaining show on talk radio! This may be a little different than most of the blogs I post, but I am a HUGE Frosty, Heidi, and Frank (FHF) fan! They used to be on 97.1fm between Howard Stern & Tom Leykis, then went to 790am (not by choice) as 97.1 went top 40....boring! Anyhow, I have listened to Frosty, Heidi, and Frank for more than 8 years. I really got hooked when I could listen online and podcast them because I sit at my computer and edit thousands of images a week. FHF have became my friends over the years, as I listen to the 3 of them for the 3 hours a day that they are on the radio. On my family vacation that I just blogged about, I listened to them via podcast and head phones as I drove for hours and hours through the night. I would laugh out loud and it really helped with the drive. When I heard about another LIVE show, where they broadcast while fans watch, I finally called my best friend and said "We are going!" After all of the these years, I was finally getting there. I was glad I did! Not only was it really weird to see them do that show live after just listening to their voices all of these years, but they had 3 major announcements that I would have kicked myself if I was sitting at home listening.  The first announcement was, they were leaving 790am and would no longer be on the air. Second, Frosty is leaving the FHF show after 17 years of a very successful show. At this point I looked around and everyone in the room was crying. Frosty gave a very touching speech and I think listeners were stunned and sad. But third, the Heidi and Frank show will go on! You can now go on their website and listen from 10am-Noon starting October 4th streaming live and website launched September 20th! You can also download the podcast and listen later, they even have an app for your phone. Please support the show if you are already a listener and if you have never heard them before you really should start! Not a fan of much, but huge fan of them! Below are pics of the Live Frosty, Heidi, and Frank Show at Morongo Casino on Friday, September 10th. Enjoys fans, you missed out! - Link to Podcast from Morongo's LIVE show and Frosty's announcement. - FHF Website, download podcasts! - New Website For New Show- Bookmark it!

Live Show at Morongo was so much fun!
At each break, FHF signed autographs and greeted fans! They were all 3 very gracious and considerate of each listener!
I am on the left, Frank Kramer is in the middle, and my best friend Kat on the right. She is a huge fan as well!
You get visuals like this at the live show! :)
Now for Frosty's tear jerking announcement that he is leaving the show to raise alpacas. :)
It was not easy announcing Frosty leaving, not only were fans crying, but Heidi and Frank could hardly contain themselves. The podcast is above to hear just how hard this was to say on air.
The love that will never end! Awwww.......
Fans Cheers Frosty and the Show!
FHF Take a Bow! Great show guys!
After the show it gets a little WILD! Got to see the tongue in person!
It's Shmeez from After Hours.....we love you too Erik!
The General!
Heidi's infamous Butt! Dang......P90X!
Frank really has a great time at these events, he's not kidding....he loves his listeners and he loves his partying!
Frank Sharing his Cocoa Puffs......sharing is caring!
Hey, what's in these Cocoa Puffs?
Heidi, you are much too trusting of Frank.....still really......spit em' out.
 Frosty you will be greatly missed! Goodbye FHF....Hello HF!
Frosty's Microphone


  1. GREAT PICS! The show will never be the same! I wish them all the best.

  2. These are some of the greatest pics I've ever seen of FHF.
    I was listening online. These shots perfectly capture the emotions felt.

    Although I am looking forward to H&F, the loss of Frosty is just so sad. I wish him well, I wish him happiness, but I have to admit, I'm wishing for a short retirement. :)

  3. Really great pics - thanks

  4. Sweet web page, I had not ran into this before in my searches! Carry on with the wonderful job!

  5. Thank you so much for posting these great photos. I discovered FHF when they were on KABC and fell in love with them. I found all their old shows and downloaded over 10gb of them. I'm a VIP of Heidi & Frank, and just love them so much. They're like friends to me. I cried like a baby when I listened to this last show. Frosty was on with Frank last week, filling in for Heidi for 2 days. Again, thanks so much. Dominique Noel


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