Thursday, April 7, 2011

Underwater Photoshoot in Costa Rica

So I tried my first underwater shoot and I must say it was way trickier then being on solid ground. I thought I would just jump in and snap some amazing images! The subjects move and can't stay still underwater, me the photographer moves, upside down and all around. Water up the nose, spinning, swimming, need a breathe.....trying to click as the subjects pass by....."oh, I got a picture of a toe." It was challenging to say the least. Next time I need to splurge on an underwater housing system for my Pro camera. I used a small 12.1 Pentax HD underwater camera, and it was hard. However, I do like a few of the pics considering the camera used. It was a fun experience and we laughed a lot. Have not had that much water up  my nose since I was a kid. The couple had a lot of fun and they took a lot of funny and naughty pics that I cannot share here. They have some great memories from this day and the beachfront resort was amazing! Check out my other Costa Rica blogs from previous trips below!

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 The groom being a surfer preferred being shot underwater!

 He loved every minute of it and he could hold his breathe forever!
 The kids loved it too!


  1. Very beautiful pica I really these I love this kind of adventure I've a plan for summers to go tamarindo beach for vacation

  2. was great to see. Love you Robbin


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