Monday, April 4, 2011

Simple & Awesome backyard Wedding

So maybe my blogs are being read, because here is another simple and awesome backyard wedding! I LOVE backyard weddings, especially daytime weddings. They are always so calm and easygoing. They have a feeling of it being all about the couple. Backyard weddings are not about the venue or putting on a show, they are about the unity and love of the couple. Usually everyone there is special and important to the couple so it is always a meaningful day. This wedding in particular was very meaningful because the groom is like family to me. Joe & Sandy met at our home church that we all belong to called, The Well. It was a special wedding and God has brought them together after all of these years of knowing each other. The wedding was set on top of a small creek in a great backyard. They rented tables and chairs, and surprisingly the food was done by the grooms twin sister. I was worried since the catering was not done by a company, and to my surprise it was better then any catering company. Natalie, with A Good Affair, was hired to do day of coordination for the event. She was there to oversee the day, timeline, put out small fires, help with everything, and she did the florals. Natalie is great to work with and ALWAYS does a great job.

I have had more and more couples every year have a simpler and smaller wedding. Many couples are spending a majority of their wedding budget on me (a seasoned photographer) and opting to have a backyard wedding, a beach or park wedding, a destination wedding, or something smaller or simpler then originally anticipated. Not just to save on money, but also to save on stress and to do something a little different. Backyard weddings can be a bit more themed or personal and you can do something less cookie cutter then an already themed venue.

Congrats Joe & Sandy......may your lives together be better then even God could have dreamed! I am very happy for you!

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  1. So Beautiful ! Love the make up pics lol ! Hope those were MAC Brushes !


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