Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Senior Shoots & Young Love in Idaho

Senior portraits can be very edgy and more like a fashion shoot nowadays! They are a lot funner then when I graduated. I got the typical Albert & James, "I look like I am 25 instead of 18," and very traditional. This young couple wanted a shoot for their graduation as well as a shoot together, as they have spent years of their high school experience together and are now off to college together. I really love this shoot, it was very fun! You can imagine this shoot being for a model, a band, high fashion, etc. It would be cool for so many shoots, even a bride and groom.

Idaho has the most beautiful skies I have ever seen. These sky pictures are real and not altered, believe it or not. Idaho is called "big sky country" and I know why. The skies are low and bellowing with humongous clouds. It truly is a photographers dream. Here in Southern California the skies are often white and we are lucky to get bright blue skies with amazing clouds. Idaho photographers have an advantage shooting with those skies as the backdrop, I am jealous. Hope you enjoy this really fun shoot as much as I enjoyed shooting it!


  1. Wow! These pictures turned out wonderful! Your work has really developed into something special.

  2. Great photos. Makes me want to travel to Idaho and find a boyfriend!


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