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Heidi & Frank Show Christmas Party 2010, The Party Pics

WOW! What a turn out, what seemed like thousands of Heidi and Frank fans showed up last night, December 11th, to Rhythm Lounge in Long Beach for their Holiday Party! Heidi and Frank really do have the best supporting fans ever! You really missed out if you did not make it as EVERYONE had a blast! I shot for 6 hours straight so I have a lot of great pics to show. I will blog first about Heidi and Frank, then about then fans and details of the party, so if you want to possibly see yourself I will blog the group and fan shots next. Heidi was gracious to all of her fans and greeted everyone of them taking pictures and hugging. Frank truly is the life of the party and every time I saw him, he was dancing, kissing or laughing with someone. Smeez laid low and drank a lot of beer, did not seem as into all the attention. I must say it was a lot of work following Heidi around, I have shot some really important people in my career, but their fans are relentless. I was getting anxious not being able to move and she had two body guards around her all night. It may sound like over kill, but I was there and I don't blame her. The fans feel like they are their friends after listening for years and are very "affectionate" towards them. Heidi did a great job throwing an awesome party and I was glad to shoot and be a part of it. There was tons of drinking, dancing, shouting, presents, hot girls and FUN!!!! You really had to stay for the whole party!

If you are unfamiliar with Heidi and Frank, you may remember Frosty, Heidi, and Frank from 97.1 after Stern and before Tom Leykis. They then moved to AM radio and now are on the cutting edge of web podcasting, which will hopefully be the future of radio. Their online podcast show is LIVE daily from 10-Noon and has LIVE video feed and an one hour "After Hours" Show Friday where they let loose. If you have no idea who Heidi and Frank are, then click on their website link below to find out more and listen to their show. They are raw and honest and hilarious as heck! As they say, Radio is dead and you won't be disappointed. I am a huge supporter as they are the ones that keep me laughing while I sit at this machine all week long and edit, I get bored with music or TV and I need noise, they bring it!

Thanks guys for all the years of laughs! Your show truly ROCKS!

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Frosty, Heidi, and Franks last show at Morongo Casino in September:

Official Heidi and Frank Website:

 The line to get in wrapped around the building!

 Caller Rodney from Texas showed up and we all got to meet him, accent and all!

 Holly and Hot Girls Everywhere!
 Dig Tussy hugs the cast!


 True Fans Dressed the part!

 Smoking Section packed all night, of course!

 Smeez started the show with a crowd pleasing song!
 He looks like a rock star onstage!
 Heidi looking hotter then ever!

 Love this shot of Heidi!

 You look great Heidi!

 Frank seemed to enjoy every second of the night, truly a fun guy!
 Caller Rodney onstage......I have no clue what he said?
 Scotch Lobster in the front row!
 Heidi was truly gracious!
 Frank in front of his fans!

Winner of Heidi's tuxedo bra and panties!

 Smeez was gifted a Whale Backpack from a listener.
 Johnny, part of the FH Show Crew, worked his butt of all night!

 Caught in the act.....Smeez stuffing his whale back pack full of beer!
 Frank and me!
 Fans sign the banner brought be a VIP listener as mentioned on the show.

 Frank gave attention to every fan in front of him....hope he remembers this night!
 Intern Karen was very sweet and cute, used her lighting to help out during the night!

 Photobooth was lots of girls and I had to jump in!
 Fans fighting for gifts!
 Brandon from Squatters made an appearance.

 Frank hard at work all night!

 Brandon and Eric, Stars of Squatters (Online Web Series)

 Go-go Dancers helped set the sexy party tone!
 Smeez had enough beers to let loose by the end of the night!

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  1. We had a great time! We were so exited to be part of such a great event!!!

  2. Love the pictures! Best group of fans ever. It was a great night, but paid for it the next day.


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