Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fans of Heidi and Frank Show, Christmas Party at Rhythm Lounge

The reason Heidi and Frank had such a successful radio show, and are now making it big with their LIVE Internet Show and podcasts, is due to the love of their fans! The show is supported and promoted heavily by the very loyal listeners and fans. A lot of their listeners have followed their show for years, some more than a decade. They are like a hair stylist, no matter what salon they move to, we will follow. They have made their show so intimate and honest, that the fans can't help but feel that Heidi, Frank, and now Smeez are part of their inner circle of friends. Some listen to their show faithfully and feel closer to Heidi and Frank then their own friends. They share intimate and embarrassing details of their personal lives, share crazy news stories, and share different and similar viewpoints of the world and the lives we live. Simply put they are entertaining and absolutely hilarious. Frank and Heidi are amazing at making each fan feel special, especially at their live shows are parties. They take pictures, dance with their fans, party, and really make everyone feel included. They are awesome with the crowd and treat their fans as their freinds. I can't say enough about this show and these guys, although Frosty is missed, they have been able to make a smooth transition from radio into the internet and podcast world, and seemingly the show got funnier and better. I am doing this blog to showcase some of the fans. I am sorry I could not shoot everyone in attendance, but if you were in front of my camera and worked it, I tried to include you on this blog. If you see yourself please leave a comment!

DISCLAIMER: Some images may be graphic or offensive to some readers. (obviously not Heidi and Frank listeners) Please be advised that I covered this event, and in no way do I condone the actions or images of anyone or any details photographed. If you are easily offended or under age, this blog may not be for you and is in no way a reflection of Capturing Moments or Jaimee Hubert. My job is to document!

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 Produce My Event Photo Booth was there, and they were awesome!
 Listeners rocking the red carpet

 Dig Tussy got a lot of lovin' in the VIP Room!
 Frank loves his listeners!

 Heidi has become semi-famous for that extra long tongue, they all want pics with her tongue out! Impressive!

 Lots of requests for booby signing, not a modest crowd!

 Scotch Lobster was there, and got lucky that night so we heard!

 Listener Kevin from Alaska showed!
 This fan was front and center all night, trying for the plus size reality show as talked about on the show.
 The Gingerbread man was there, or little Eric dressed as, greeted all the guests in the extra long line.

 Mens bathroom was much cleaner then the Mens, go figure. They had the door open all night, they didn't even care.

 Even the VIP room let loose!

 I have many pictures of Frank looking at boobs, hilarious!
 Frank danced all night, and went from fan to fan working the dance floor!

Intern Ian was super popular with the ladies, Win a date with Ian put him on the map!

Sorry guys, you missed it, there was a girl fight ourside. Blood all over the staircase, this is the security guard pulling one girl away.

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