Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gene Simmons goes to the Couples Bootcamp and then gets Married!!!!

After the Wedding day, or in this case before, couples forget that Marriage is work at times and you have to put effort into it. Sometimes you even have to save it. I have blogged many times and Facebooked I was on my way to Marriage Bootcamp, or in this case the Intensive Couples Retreat. They are truly amazing and life changing and I have had the opportunity to help train at them for years now. No matter where you are in your relationship or Marriage, these weekends are worth every penny and every minute you invest. I am so excited to announce that Gene Simmons, Kiss Star, and Shannon Tweed attended the intense "Couples Retreat" and then after 28 years they got married!!! The partial story is below and the link sends you to the homepage of Marriage Help Centers and the full story and more information about these bootcamps. You have to go to one of these!!!!

After 28 years of dating, KISS star, Gene Simmons finally marries Shannon Tweed. He had always claimed that he was against marriage, so what changed his mind?
Recently, Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed attended our “Couples Retreat” which will be featured as part of their “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” reality show, airing Monday, October 17th on A&E . Marriage Help Centers partnered in a “Private Couples Retreat” in Orange County, which is run quarterly, for those who are seeking a more private and intimate setting. There are Monthly Relationship bootcamps as well. Click below for the rest of the story:

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