Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Super Hot Laguna Beach Engagement part 2

Just in case you missed the first blog on this engagement shoot I attached it below. This was a GREAT shoot, and I had a lot of images and versatility that I wanted to show. The first half of the shoot was shot in Downtown Laguna Beach, which is very urban and colorful. The downtown area has a lot of nooks and cranny's where you can put a couple to make it look like you were at several locations. Natalie and Phil changed a few times as well to make it look like different places on different days. After we shot the urban downtown shots, we did some boardwalk and beach shooting. I am not a huge fan of shooting on the sand and/or at the beach. Unless I can use a downtown area next to the beach or it is the couples favorite place to be,  I try and talk my clients out of it. At this point, beach engagement shoots are very cliche, but if I can include things other then just the beach it can add to the shoot. With every couple the engagement shoot is about who you are as a couple, that is what I strive to capture. The love, happiness, sexy chemistry, etc. I like to capture it all and talk to the couple as we shoot to get them comfortable and forget we are shooting. I get a more natural feel when the couple is comfortable and into one another. I encourage my clients to dress how they normally would and not to get to "dressy" or formal for the shoot. That is what the wedding day is for. With this couple I really wanted some rustic and sexy shots as well, so I shot them in the brush off of the side of the road in Laguna Beach. We had a great time, Natalie and Phil are naturals in front of the camera. They will be wed the first weekend of August at the Surf and Sand in Laguna Beach coordinated by the wonderful Natalie Good with A Good Affair, and their pics are going to be AWESOME. We will do an underwater trash your dress session as well that will be tons of fun and very sexy! :)

PART 1 of this engagement shoot- Urban Downtown Laguna Beach

 After shooting at the Laguna Beach Reserve we hit the beach!

Link to PART 1 of this Engagement Shoot- Urban Downtown Laguna

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