Saturday, May 28, 2011

Disneyland Wedding!!!

If you are a Disney fan then you are going to LOVE this wedding! If you are not a Disney fan.....I have to say neither am I, but Disney weddings are pretty fantastic! From the service to the food, to the gorgeous ballrooms, to the horse drawn Cinderella Carriage complete with a royal court and glass slipper holding your rings which are brought to the bride and groom mid-ceremony, it really is a treat. Mickey and Minney will even come to your wedding reception. Sound cheesy? Well it is not, it is actually classy and really well done. If you have ever wanted to feel like a princess, this is your place. As we traveled to one side of the hotel to the other, through the grounds all the little girls and even adults faces lit up to see the bride and her "court." It was very cutesy and this couple has been together forever and has been waiting to be married for quite along time. This daytime easy going fairytale wedding truly was a delight! The reception was tipped off by Andy Nation of Just Imagine DJ. Ask him about his "Venice Dance!"

Andy Nation- Orange County Wedding DJ:

Disneyland Hotel Website:

 The Venice Dance, done by Andy Nation, Imagine That DJ is fun for everyone!

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  1. Truly a dream come true. Very beautiful.

  2. You did a great job of capturing the moments! I will definitely tell my friends about you and your work! My cousin Tina's wedding was perfect and you captured the view for everlasting memories!

  3. I just saw your photos & they are amazing! I did all the wedding flowers & would love to order some for my website.


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