Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hyatt Huntington Wedding by Lisa Simpson

I am a bit behind on my blogging due to my recent travels and move, but I am ready to share more winter weddings! I loved this Hyatt Huntington wedding by Lisa Simpson on a sunny Thursday in January. Robert and Julie chose to have a very intimate wedding including only immediate family of both sides. They also chose to do their wedding on a weekday. I love daytime weddings, and I love weddings that are simpler and all about the couple and their love. I know it sounds cliche, but  I like a wedding that is more about the couple, and their intimacy. There is no big show to put on or anybody to impress, including no bridal party. The bride and groom chose a great venue, a wonderful wedding coordinator, a guitarist for the ceremony, and myself for the memories. It was a "no stress" day. The bride and groom where NEVER rushed or stressed. They had plenty of time for romantics, family, and ceremony pics and it was all about them. They did not spend a lot of money, but as you can see they have beautiful images to remember the day. Lisa Simpson always does a great job at her weddings. She is brilliant at mastering her venues, vendors,  and venue staff with her name being on some of the best venues in OC! I have said many times before to consider having your wedding on any other day but Saturday if you are on a tight budget. Venues and vendors alike, will likely cut discounts and bend over backwards for you if you have a weekday wedding.

Lisa Simpson Weddings:

Hyatt Huntington Weddings:

The couple chose to see each other before the ceremony. They had a special moment and did all of their romantics beforehand!

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