Thursday, March 10, 2011

Capturing Moments Photography Opening a New Office in Boise

Some of you may have seen posting on Facebook about me moving and been confused. I know Boise of all places sounds crazy if you are from Orange County especially, but I am in fact opening a new office and studio in Boise, Idaho. I will still have my office in Newport Beach, California, and run my business in Orange County as well. I will do weddings in Southern California as I always have, and while I am in OC I will be available to do family shoots, pregnancy, boudoir, headshots, senior pics, etc. I will do half off shoot days as well about 3 times a year if you are used to taking advantage of those days which are scheduled in one location and a little shorter then most shoots, but still result in hundreds of images at a really fair rate. Feel free to continue to inquire about weddings, shoot, dates, etc. as I travel to shoot often, and even though my family will reside here in Boise. I will fly out of the state and country many times a year. This year I will do weddings in Costa Rica, Colorado, Southern California, Northern California, and Idaho so far.

The reason for the much as I LOVE So Cal and as much as I LOVE my photography business......I LOVE my kids and family more! My father has always had a very bad heart and his time on this Earth has always been limited. He got serious about the entire family moving when he was told he had 6 months to live a year ago, and then received a pacemaker and defibrillator last summer. He needs a heart transplant and with all of this, he really mostly wants his 3 daughters and family together as well as his grandsons raised in a  place more conducive to raising children. My older sister Amber and I purchased a home outside of Boise last year, with the help of our father. My eldest sister has lived here in Boise for 18 years. My grandpa, two different aunts and their families, cousins, neighbors, extended family, and friends are all in the process of moving here as well. The housing is 5 times less, the life-style a lot slower, and I love it here! Jobs are easy to get if you are from LA, cause we have an edge. It is beautiful, you get all 4 seasons, there is plenty of cool people and it is much more city then you would think. Everyone is not growing potatoes! : ) Anyhow, I can work a lot less here and be more of a Mom. I have been working 50-60 hour weeks for the past 5 years living in Orange County as a full time photographer. My business has done very well and I am thankful for its success. However, we are slowing it down and keeping it real for our kids. This is a really great move for my family, it is very exciting. I will post pics soon of my new home when we are all moved in. I LOVE my home, and my tiny house payment! This weekend we will take our boys sledding, then I fly in to OC to shoot a Disney wedding next and do a Shoot Day.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting my business and blog. I am very blessed to have this career and life. I am lovin' it!

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  1. Good luck with your new adventure, Jaimee! I hope you and your family get closer and are happier than you've ever been.


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