Friday, November 25, 2011

Heidi & Frank Show Party at Bowlmor

Another great party with Heidi and Frank at Bowlmor in Tustin, last Thursday night! Heidi, Frank, and Erik put on a bowling show for us, then they picked names and formed their own bowling teams. They really know how to throw a party and how to make their fans feel part of the HF family. If you have no idea who Heidi and Frank are, you have to check them out on their website at Heidi and Frank are radio personalities in LA and now they do a daily podcast from 10-12pm on the internet. Their show is hilarious.....but if you are easily offended it may not be the show for you. Everyday is a party on the Heidi and Frank show, it is radio worth watching! I have been listening for over a decade, and listen daily as I edit my pictures all week at my computer. They keep me company while I am working and updated on the news while they talk to listeners and reveal most everything about their own lives, along with Erik (Shmeez) they keep me laughing. VIP for life!!! Check them out!

Heidi Hamilton ready to Bowl
 Check out Heidi's Form!
Erik or "Shmeez"
 David Letterman look-alike!
 Karen the Intern
Frank Kramer toasts the crowd for coming to the Party!
 Frank's Winning Team the "Smkoin' Bowls"
Heidi's team the "Lickity Splits"
 Smeeze's team the "Bobby Pins" 
 Lacey put on the event and is the manager at Bowlmor....getting love!
 Frank and the "Smoking Bowls" toast at the bar with their free drinks!
Dancing in the ladies room!

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