Monday, December 5, 2011

VOTE for Finalists of the PHOTO Contest!

Thank you for all of the votes for the Annual Amateur Photo Contest. There was a lot of feedback, and here is what you voted for to make it to the finals. CONGRATS to the follwing finalist. Please vote for your Favorite to WIN. Below there is a Poll to place your vote! Votes will be held until Monday, December 12th, 2012.

 A- Fairlite Bisaro
 B- Berlin Gonzalez
 C- Taylor Harris
D- Berlin Gonzalez

For a Complete Portfolio of Jaimee's work Check Out:

  • A- Fairlite Bisaro
  • B-Berlin Gonzalez
  • C-Taylor Harris
  • D-Berlin Gonzalez


  1. sooo beautiful..but the sky looks scarry!!

  2. B-D this person must be apart of a camera club looking at the votes. wow go team go.


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