Monday, April 5, 2010

Orange County Triplets

I had the opportunity to shoot my first set of triplets. A lot harder then getting one baby to smile is trying to get 3 babies to smile, or look your way. These babies are 6 months old, wish I would have gotten to them in the 1st week or two, but hard to do when they are in the hospital for months being preemies. I recommend the first or second week for new baby shoots, they are easier to mold and work with and do a lot of shrinking inwards. I do not do the Anne Geddes type baby pics (although I like it), instead I do simple and more raw work with babies and families, showing the relationship and everyday moments. I especially love the faces that older babies make and love what I got on this shoot. Hope they make you smile, as I edited them I think I laughed out loud on a few! They are scrumptious!

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  1. Very cute! Yes, I can see the challenge!


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