Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Laguna Beach Engagement Shoot

Congrats to Lisa & Kevin on their upcoming wedding in June at Surf and Sand. Their engagement shoot in Laguna beach was so cute. It is a great place to shoot. You get the urban and beach feel all at the same location. This couple also lives in Laguna so it is meaningful to them. I love to do engagement shoots that showcase who you are as a couple. I like my couples to dress how they normally would and do something that they would normally do. I try to talk most couples out of beach shoots, just because it is way over done and cliche. However, this couple loves the beach and it is representative of their wedding and their home town. My favorite engagement shoots have been at Angels Stadium, Disneyland, and Disney concert hall in LA. I also like downtown Orange and a secluded private park I love to shoot at. Let's go bowling, go-carting, play golf, something different and fun.

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