Monday, April 5, 2010

Orange County Family Shoot in Downtown Fullerton

Many of you wonder how to get your kids ready for a shoot? Well, me too! :) I have 3 boys of my own and it never fails, when you plan a shoot, one of them is in a bad mood or does not want to cooperate. Another kid has a runny nose, and the other will do whatever the photographer wants because they were previous bribed and care about the treat coming their way. I wanted to share this shoot. I wanted to shoot these two boys in an urban setting with color, so we headed for Downtown Fullerton. Spent decades hanging in Fullerton so know it well, down to the exact walls I love to shoot on. An urban shoot or downtown shoots have a completely different look and feel then a shoot in the studio or at a park. A little more modern, edgy, and colorful.  Kids have a personality of their own and I believe in showing it. Within one hour kids can go through many different emotions and feelings. Out of these two boys, the youngest would do whatever I wanted him to, and the oldest was not wanting to be apart of it at all. Much like the pictures I have on my site in the "About Jaimee" section.  I actually sent pictures of my oldest son crying over a sucker out on my Christmas card. That is reality. I have a few tricks up my sleeves to get smiles no matter what, but I shoot all the emotion. I shoot the raw reality of what kids are all about. I notice Mother's fretting over dirt and the kids being perfect for the shoot and I encourage to let them explore and get dirty and be kids. Traditional pics yes, but then capture who they are at that moment in time and what they would really do at a park or, get dirty, eat candy, laugh and of course cry!


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