Sunday, May 2, 2010

Maternity Portrait Shoot in Orange County

When I shoot maternity or pregnancy portraits, new baby, boudoir shoots, or any other studio studio travels to your home! I come to your house and set up a portable backdrop and portable studio lighting. This is especially heaven for new parents or parents of multiple children! You no longer have to get everyone ready, pack up, drive over, unpack, walk to, check in, wait, keep kids at bay, snacky time, then our turn, cheese, okay now view them, what do we want, what do we order, kids getting cranky.....let's come back and make an appointment and order them one by one!?!?!? Whew! No more of all of that! No more malls, or trips out........I simply come to you. You may not know how cool this really is until you try both. Men especially love this. They can watch TV until I get there, and then I find them back in front of the TV when they are not needed. Mom can stop to breast feed, or get a little more modest while doing maternity pictures. Everyone is more comfortable. Here is a recent maternity shoot I just did, I urge every woman to do at least one maternity shoot at least one time. It is spectacular how much your body shifts and changes, capture it! I can fix the dimples....don't worry! :) In this pregnancy, my previous bride was a bit modest. That changes throughout the shoot, as we were are her home and she was very comfortable, so I was able to get some maternity boudoir, or sexy boudoirs! None of these are retouched, as I wanted you to see the reality of a pregnancy shoot, however the client gets her choice of 10 retouched images.

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  1. Beautiful, Jaimee! You always produce fantastic work - love it!


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