Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wedding Venues in California -Tip & Venue 1 - Nestldown

I am going to start blogging tips and ideas so hopefully they help someone out there. Since I have seen weddings every weekend for the past 5 years and I am around the age of most brides I know I have some info to offer. There are quite a few wedding venues in California that I highly recommend. Most nice or high-end wedding venues in California can have minimums at a premium and cost upwards of $50,000 for the venue, food, and beverage especially for a Saturday night. However, my first tip if you want a unique, classy, or specific venue that may be over budget.....consider some options. To keep the budget down one way is to have a daytime wedding. Most venues do not book a lot of afternoon weddings and therefore do not have the minimums that the night weddings have. In the wedding below, Wendy & Justin decided to do a Saturday daytime wedding, and then do the reception off site. They could not have afforded this venue on a Saturday night, but she knew this was the dream place as soon as she saw it. On the same line, consider a wedding on a Friday or Sunday, many venues and vendors will budge on price as 70% of weddings are held on Saturday.

One of my favorite wedding venues in California is Nestldown, Los Gatos. I know it is Northern California for all the Orange County brides, but it is truly a hidden gem. It is quaint, cute, and unique. It is like walking into a fair tale. There are huge trees, lakes, bridges, a miniature fairytale house and even landscaped maze for kids. If you are considering doing a destination wedding and don't want to go out of the country, consider this location! This wedding was featured as a Real Wedding in Orange County Bride Magazine and can be viewed on a link at the bottom of my homepage!   Wendy & Justin - 10-18-08

                            I saved my favorite for last! LOVE this image!

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  1. I just saw this! Wow what a day that was! Thanks again!!


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