Monday, January 18, 2010

Boudoir Photography by Capturing Moments

Many women would love to get amazing beautiful images of their bodies, especially before you have children or while you still have your girlish figure. Pregnancy boudoirs are also beautiful and I recommend doing them between the 7.5-9 months depending on how big you get and how fast. Also, pregnancy boudoirs have become very popular to document the beauty of the pregnant body. Although not all maternity shoots are boudoir, my less modest clients I try to show as much as they will let me without showing anything too private. All shoots should be done tastefully, capturing the essence and the body and using suggestiveness as the main attraction to the images. When I did my first boudoir (on the other side of the camera) I thought to myself that I wanted to capture my body at it's best so I can remember what I used to look like. Also, I thought I could impress my husband with an open forward gift, and remind him why he married me. :) I LOVE doing boudoirs, they are one of my favorite things to shoot. I love the curves of the female body. It helps that I am female to make women feel comfortable. Most women are nervous at first, but by the end of the shoot they want to do it again. Below are some of my favorite images. I have done more and more mini boudoirs of the bride while doing getting ready pics before the wedding, which is an added bonus for the groom. :) I am a bit limited as to what I can show you considering most people to do not want their images shared with the entire world, so I can only show images where the face is not shown or with women who are not very modest.

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