Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wedding Reception in Beverly Hills

This Beverly Hills Wedding Reception was super unique! Planned at the Lawry's Steak House in LA, it really was a beautiful spot with a unique dinner service. The salad portion of the meal was a cool sight, they put on a show for you and it is fun. The actual dinner is served in front of you, where chefs have big portions of prime rib cut to your liking. The DJ Company did a great job with the lighting and party and they are super popular in the LA area, check out their site at Joanna from did a fabulous job designing and coordinating this entire wedding. For part 1 of this wedding including the getting ready's, ceremony, and romantics, check out this link:

Lawry's Prime Rib house in Beverly Hills:

 The bride is Mexican and the Groom is Korean, so they had a spread of some very yummy looking Korean food that I have never seen before!
Lawry's puts on a show while they wait on you, pretty cool, never seen that before!
Right in the heart of Los Angeles!
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  1. DId they buy Lawry's out? JUDAS PRIEST!! CHA CHING!!

  2. Wow great wedding photos such a nice picture you share this i really like it.


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