Monday, February 6, 2012

"Fire Painting" and How-To Blog

I had so much fun shooting for fun the other night with a few other local photographers. There is a local photographers board that is very active and the photographers get together often to do fun shoots with each other and but their heads together, it is a really cool group. When I saw a "Fire Painting" night I thought that was really interesting. Come to find out they needed a location and my backyard was perfect. You need a wide open space to pull this off. I had no idea what we were doing but once I saw some of the results I was really excited, as I have not shot for fun in almost a decade!

What you are seeing here is Steel Wool (fine) stuffed in a whisk and tied to a cord. There is a person in all of these photos swinging the cord and the results are the steel wool breaks apart and a lot of sparks fly. Some of the pics she had one cord that she was spinning and for a few of them she was spinning 2 cords. I shot with my Canon 5D Mark II and a 14mm wide angle "fish eye" lens. With long exposures of 10-30 seconds you get really cool images. There was a little trial and error getting the right exposures down, the correct white balance, low ISO, and the fire painter took a few tries to get it down. The steel wool did not last as long as we had hoped in some cases only 10-20 seconds. Even though this was a first attempt I love the results. We will be doing this again and begin to perfect it and come up with new ideas and different locations. You notice you can see the person in some of the images and this was done using an off camera flash to illuminate her face while spinning the cord in a perfect circle.

F:8 @ 15 seconds, 100 ISO, Tungsten White Balance
 F:7.1 @ 15 seconds, 100 ISO, Tungsten White Balance
 An Off Camera Flash allows you to see the subjects face in these.
 F:7.1 @ 10 seconds, 100 ISO, Tungsten White Balance, with off camera flash
 F:8 @ 10 seconds, 100 ISO, Tungsten White Balance
F:7.1 @ 30 seconds, 100 ISO, Tungsten White Balance
 F:7.1 @ 30 seconds, 100 ISO, Tungsten White Balance
 F:7.1 @ 30 seconds, 100 ISO, Tungsten White Balance
 Exposures are the same of as above.

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