Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby's First Photo Shoot

Love New Baby Shoots in Studio, especially since I have a portable studio that I can take with me anywhere I go. New parents love the idea of not having to leave the home. You don't have to get everyone ready, rush out with all of the loot, find parking, get out, etc, etc. So I come to the home and set up my humble studio and capture the magic of your new baby. Dad's I have found especially love this. They never want to leave the house to go to the mall or a studio. Parents love the park too so older kids can run and play, it feel like the family is creating more memories vs. "producing" a photo shoot. Year after year I do shoot days at the park, and the kids and family look forward to this bi-annual shoot. For new babies, I find that anywhere from 2-12 weeks is great for the first baby pictures, depending on what you want to capture. I recommend studio look for the first shoot and then getting out in the world for most shoots after that. I love capturing the first and last moments of peoples lives, there is something very special about that. The images will literally be around forever! Invest in these type of shoots, they are priceless and you never get those moments again. Here is an example of a typical babies first photo shoot.....

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  1. so precious these pictures are
    ! you are an amazing artist!


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