Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Family Photoshoot in Boise, Idaho

I am still working hard on a new custom blog, so I apologize for the uncompleted blog but I could not wait anymore to share our families shoot! I love this photoshoot in our backyard right outside of Boise, Idaho. Shot by the talented Kelly Zimmerman with Cherished Images, a link to her website below! Kelly did such a great job creating the reality of our family. I wanted a shoot where our animals could be included and I wanted a few silly shots since that is us, from formal to fun! I will be writing a follow up blog about our new lives in Boise and the difference between the city life and country life. It has been over a year now that our family has relocated and we are really enjoying life here. The first family picture include 2 of our dogs, 2 chickens, and you cannot tell but I am holding one of our teacup piglets. This was not the easiest shoot to pull off, so thanks again Kelly for coming to the house and shooting these for me!

Photography by Kelly:

We took my favorite images from the photoshoot and Kelly designed a great Spring card!

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  1. What a cute family! I LOVE the mustaches! :) It's hard to believe we've almost lived here a year too! Crazy how time flies! :)


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